May 28, 2013

Hello all!
I have been called back to the Visitors' Center. President Vellinga called and told me Wednesday night. He called and asked to talk to me alone...that never means good things. I'll miss it here, but it was a great experience and I learned a lot. He wouldn't tell me where I was going, just back. The other 3 sisters that I live with were all called to train. So while they were at a meeting all day, I got to be with Sister Larson again! It was awesome. It felt good to be back in Cleveland.
We met some really awesome people this week. We went on exchanges this week and it was a really good experience. I learned a lot from Sister Chapman. We found Jeff, who has decided that while the Baptist church has lot of truth, it's not all true. So we asked the simple question of "What if we told you that truth in it's fullness had been restored on the earth once more." He was open to it, so we laid out the restoration for him on his porch. He has a family and believe it or not...a car! That's unusual. We also met Caden and Linda Fisher. Caden is 14 and Linda is his grandma. We found them while stopping by a referral. Linda ordered a Book of Mormon last year while Mitt Romney was running for president, and likes what she has read. She asked about the 3 kingdoms of Glory, and we told her about another book of scripture that contained revelations that would explain in greater detail, what we knew about life after this. She wants it, she's hungry for knowledge. Caden has gone to a christian school his whole life and wants to know about how the indians relate to a "White god." Apparently they covered the Book of Mormon in 5 minutes in class once and it peaked his interest, but left a lot of missing holes. He has also decided that he wants to serve a mission. Come join the ranks. He is awesome. I'm sad I won't gt to see any of them progress but that's okay. The work is still true.
Now there's Tom. Tom has tried twice to give us back the Book of Mormon, he says it's just too much, and he can't afford it if there is even a small chance that this is wrong. We have been praying for his heart to be softened, and when we met with him on Thursday, we could feel/see the spirit working with him. The Lord answered our prayers. He told us he would keep reading, and really try to get his answer.
Life in Ohio is great! I hope you all had a fabulous memorial day! Ours was a little different. We had District Meeting and then did a LOT of paper work. It sounds like you are all keeping busy. It's almost June! The Plan of Salvation is legit! I love that lesson. Especially when you get to the part about the Atonement! The gospel is true.
I love you all!
More next week after transfers!
Sister Hillman

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